We have very good out patient department with well equipped modern equipment. With advanced appointment facility for both Nephrology and Pediatrics, we have attached full fledged Renal Laboratory and Pharmacy. We also offer day care services in our out patient department. We have vaccination programme for both children and adults. Payments can be made via various modes like cash, cheque, phone pay, Google pay, all types of Bank credit and Debit Cards.


Inpatient Department

We have 20 Beds in Inpatient department. We have General ward, twin shared room facility, Single Non Air conditioned rooms and Air conditioned rooms with attached bath rooms. All the Beds are equipped with central oxygen facility. We have separate New Born care unit with inpatient facility.



hemo dialysis unit for treatment

We have separate Hemodialysis unit under full time supervision of Nephrologist. We offer Hemodialysis services to all types of kidney diseases including acute kidney injury and chronic kidney diseases.


Vascular access Facility

perm catheter in the patient

We do all types of vascular access procedures which include Internal jugular catheterization, tunneled catheter insertion, peritoneal catheter insertion, All types of central venous catheterizations are done here.


Renal Biopsy

biopsy for patients

We do renal biopsy to find the cause of the kidney diseases for all age groups. With the help of full time pediatrician we do pediatric kidney biopsies.


Peritoneal Dialysis or Home dialysis

peritoneal dialysis or home dialysis

We also do peritoneal dialysis called home dialysis. Catheter Insertion, proper training will be given to patients and attendants.


Hemodialysis for poisoning (Hemoperfusion)

hemo perfusion used for removal of high dose poison.

Hemodialysis is useful for certain types of extremely high dose poisons. We have facility for removal of poisons like paraquat by a technique called Hemoperfusion.



infant radiant warmer for just born babies

We have the facility to provide exclusive new born care with infant radiant warmers.


Double surface phototherapy

double surface phototherapy for new born

We have latest well equipped Double surface phototherapy unit for new born jaundice babies.



vaccination for infants in the hospital

We have all types of child and adult vaccination with 24 hour intact cold chain.



nebulization process for patient

We have 24 hour central oxygen supply for continuous Nebulizations.